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Accidentes de tráfico

We have extensive experience in California workers’ compensation law and have successfully helped countless employees recover the rightful benefits they were owed.

Accidente de Uber y Lyft

Our firm’s Uber and Lyft accident attorneys have handled many rideshare accident cases, allowing us to hone the skills and knowledge needed to negotiate with insurance companies.

Lesiones catastróficas

There are many hardships an accident victim may face after sustaining a catastrophic injury. Our attorneys understand that you’ve just gone through an event that could change the course of your life forever.

Accidentes de bicicleta

Our bike accident attorneys understand how disastrous bike accident injuries can be. That’s why we work tirelessly to help our clients recover compensation for their losses.

Accidentes de moto

At KJT Law Group, our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys know how hard it can be to recover from motorcycle accident injuries.

Accidentes de peatones

Our pedestrian accident attorneys in Los Angeles represent pedestrians injured by careless or reckless drivers.

Slip & Fall lesiones

A lawyer can help a slip and fall victim by seeking a financial award for their losses. Victims can seek the help of a lawyer immediately after their accident.

Muerte equivocada

Wrongful death refers to the loss of life caused by someone else’s negligence or intentional actions. The term “wrongful” refers to an action or inaction that violated the law, causing personal injury.

Mordeduras de perro

When a dog bites someone in Los Angeles, the dog’s owner is generally legally responsible for any harm that occurs. This could include medical bills, missed income, pain and suffering, and more.

Accidentes de autobuses

Our Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorneys can assist you with every aspect of your claim, from the initial filing to appealing a denied claim or early termination of your benefits.

Áreas de práctica

Con un fondo de justicia social nos unimos para formar KJT Law Group y luchar por los derechos de las personas lesionadas y maltratadas. Esto significa que tratamos los asuntos legales de nuestros clientes con un sentido de urgencia y tratamos a nuestros clientes con dignidad, respeto y compasión. Somos líderes en la industria que ofrece representación legal de alto calibre, la comunicación altamente sensible y los mejores resultados en dólares.

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