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Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer

When a dog bites someone in Los Angeles, the dog’s owner is generally legally responsible for any harm that occurs. This could include medical bills, missed income, pain and suffering, and more. If this happened to you, a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer from our firm may be able to help you seek and recover compensation through settlement negotiations, mediation, or litigation.

Un Abogada de lesiones personales from KJT Law Group is here to help. We provide free consultations for dog bite victims in Southern California. Call (818) 507-8525 now to discuss your legal options with a team member.

Pursuing Dog Bite Damages With Help From a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

Even relatively minor dog bites require medical attention—usually, careful cleaning because of the high risk of infection. This may mean bills from an urgent care clinic, your doctor, or the local emergency department. More serious injuries could require ambulance transportation, hospitalization, and even plastic surgery in the future. The costs quickly add up. 

Nuestros abogados reconocen lo caro que puede ser tratar y recuperarse de las lesiones de la mordedura del perro. Las víctimas con lesiones permanentes y cicatrices pagan un precio aún mayor. This is why we fight for the compensation our clients need and deserve. 

Los daños reparables en un caso de mordedura de perro pueden incluir: 

  • Facturas médicas y gastos de atención futura
  • Ingresos perdidos por el tiempo fuera del trabajo
  • Disminución de la capacidad de ingresos por lesiones y complicaciones a largo plazo.
  • Dolor y sufrimiento
  • Desfiguración
  • Daños por muerte por negligencia si la víctima fallece

Why You Want Help from Our Dog Bite Attorneys in Los Angeles

The attorneys at KJT Law Group work to get justice for every dog bite victim we represent. We approach each case with compassion but provide aggressive legal counsel when necessary, using our proven experience and knowledge of California law. 

As you can see from our Resultados de caso, we recover fair and just settlements for our clients whenever possible. In court, we present strong cases and often receive substantial verdicts for our clients. In all, we have recovered over $100 million for clients throughout Southern California. 

When you choose our team, you will work directly with your attorney. We prioritize our clients and treat them like individuals, not just another case. Our injury lawyers know how to build solid cases to support personal injury claims, demanding fair compensation for victims. If the insurance carrier won’t pay or there is another reason to do so, we will take the case to trial.

Because we are a contingency fee-based law firm, we never ask for any money upfront, and there are no attorney’s fees unless we win your case. You can connect with our team today to learn more. We provide free consultations for dog bite victims in Los Angeles and across Southern California.

When Should I Call a Los Angeles Dog Bite Attorney?

When a dog bite occurs, your health and well-being must come first. See a doctor for any moderate or significant injuries immediately. Even minor injuries have a high risk of infection, so you may still want to see a doctor to ensure you recover quickly. 

Once your injuries are stable, we encourage you to connect with an attorney. Nuestro Equipo can handle your personal injury claims or lawsuits while you continue treatment, heal, and get back to your regular activities. You should not have to pay for these injuries yourself. Let us hold the dog’s owner legally responsible and recover fair compensation for you.

Building a Los Angeles Dog Bite Injury Case With Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer

Our dog bite lawyers understand the relevant statutes and case law necessary to hold the liable parties accountable after an injury. When a dog attacks or bites, this is usually the fault of the dog’s owner or another handler who should have had control of the dog at the time. 

Según el Condado de Los Ángeles Departamento de Salud Pública, a dog’s owner is legally liable for bites:

  • Cuando el ataque ocurre en un área pública
  • When the animal bites a person who is legally on the property (including the owner’s private property)
  • Independientemente de la historia del perro.

At KJT Law Group, our Los Angeles dog bite lawyers know the common causes of dog bites and how these incidents occur. We have the knowledge and experience to develop a strong case against the dog’s owner and seek compensation for our clients. This process often requires us to:

  • Entrevistar a testigos
  • Obtener todos los informes presentados por los oficiales de policía, el Condado de Departamento de Control y Cuidado de Animales de Los Ángelesu otras agencias
  • Recopilar y analizar todos los registros médicos relacionados.
  • Documentar lesiones a través de fotografías y pruebas físicas.
  • Recopile cualquier video del incidente.
  • Revise los registros para buscar cualquier comportamiento agresivo anterior
  • Tomar otras medidas para identificar, recopilar y analizar evidencia

It also typically involves us discussing your case with the dog owner’s insurance adjuster. We can handle this and more on your behalf.

Our Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyers Have a Strong Understanding of These Injuries

KJT Law Group sees clients with dog bite injuries regularly. We understand how significantly these injuries can affect many aspects of your life. Injuries suffered in a dog bite incident may include:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Torn skin, muscles, and other soft tissues
  • huesos rotos
  • Grandes heridas abiertas
  • Heridas en cara y cuello
  • amputaciones
  • Cicatrices y desfiguración
  • Discapacidades duraderas

Según un estudio publicado en la Revista de Conducta Veterinaria, about two-thirds of dog bite injuries occur in situations when the dog and victim know one another. This could occur when a neighbor, friend, or family member’s dog bites someone they know. Other common circumstances when there is a risk of a dog bite include: 

  • Un repartidor, lector de medidores u otra persona que venga a la propiedad del dueño del perro
  • Un perro corriendo libre fuera de la propiedad del dueño
  • At a dog park, such as Silver Lake Dog Park, Lake Hollywood Dog Park, or Laurel Canyon Dog Park
  • En un parque público u otra área recreativa

Dog bites can occur in many situations. The best way to prevent them is careful handling of the dog by its owners and oversight when the dog is around guests or in public. This is especially true when there are children nearby since they are at an increased risk of bites and serious injuries. 

Regardless of the circumstances, if you were bitten while legally on the property, you may have a case against the owner. This includes neighbors, customers, guests, those making deliveries, and others performing services for the dog’s owner. Our LA dog bite lawyers can assess your case and determine your options for holding the dog’s handler legally liable.

Let Our Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawyer Pursue the Compensation You Deserve

Una vez que tengamos un caso sólido para mostrar lo que sucedió y quién es probablemente el responsable de la mordedura de perro, podemos buscar una compensación basada en sus daños. Esto puede ser posible por:

  • Presentar un reclamo de seguro
  • Demandando al dueño del perro

Recovering compensation through an insurance claim is most common. We file bite claims with the dog owner’s insurance company, usually based on a homeowner’s policy. Homeowner policies typically include liability coverage for those hurt on the property or because of the owner’s property, including dogs. 

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can manage this process for you while you focus on your physical recovery. We will provide you with advice and guidance while giving you the opportunity to accept or reject any offer made in your case.

Act Quickly to Protect Your Right to Sue in Your LA Dog Bite Case

Occasionally, the attorneys from KJT Law Group have to sue the dog’s owner in a dog bite case. There are numerous reasons why this may occur. Our attorneys can offer more case-specific information during your free consultation with our team. 

However, we must ensure we meet the statute of limitations set by California law when beginning a lawsuit. Under PCCh § 335.1, solo tenemos dos años para presentar el papeleo inicial. No cumplir con este plazo podría resultar en la pérdida del derecho a demandar y también impedir que negociemos un acuerdo justo. Es imperativo que cumplamos con el plazo.

Getting started as soon as possible also has another advantage. We can manage the case from the start. This protects your rights from lowball offers from the insurance company, keeps you away from unfair questioning by adjusters, and could even allow us to preserve key evidence. 

Hable con un abogado de lesiones por mordedura de perro de Los Ángeles acerca de sus opciones de forma gratuita

En KJT Law Group, nuestro Abogados de lesiones personales de Los Ángeles provide complimentary consultations for victims and their families. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a Los Angeles animal attack, we are here for you. We can assess the circumstances of your case, determine your options, and explain how we will help. 

We offer these evaluations at no cost to you or your family, and there is no obligation to use our services. Llamado (818) 507-8525 hoy para hablar con un abogado sobre su caso de forma gratuita. Queremos ayudarlo a buscar justicia por las lesiones que sufrió.

Si usted o alguien que ama se lesionó debido a la negligencia de otra persona, póngase en contacto con KJT Law Group en (818) 507-8525 para una consulta gratuita para discutir sus derechos y opciones legales.

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