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Bus Accident

A bus is a vehicle that can transport more than nine people.    Think Greyhound, school bus and local city buses, tour- and charter buses.   Bus transport is fast, cheap and convenient.

We trust the bus driver to get us to our destination safely.  We hope he is well-trained and competent to drive us, but also our children on a daily basis.

To be struck by a bus or injured while riding in one can be truly devastating.

Are bus accidents common?

Generally speaking, buses are very safe.   Most bus drivers know what they are doing and they are well equipped to deal with difficult situations.    They know how to avoid accidents.   The licensing standards for a bus driver are strict – they need a commercial driver’s license in order to operate a bus.

Commercial driving licenses are regulated at federal level.   This is one thing that your personal injury lawyer can look at when there was an accident:  the track record of the bus driver.   If it is found that the driver was not properly certified or his certification was not up to date, liability can be proven and a strong case for negligence can be built.

So, to answer the question:  bus accidents are actually quite rare.   2016 statistics (the most recent available data) show that only in 12% of all fatal crashes on national roadways a large truck or bus was involved.  This percentage is lower in non-fatal crashes – here only in 7% of the cases a large truck or bus was mixed up in the accident.

But, if a bus accident does happen, it can be catastrophic.

  • Buses are huge and heavy. The bus driver has to deal with multiple blind spots.
  • Buses usually don’t have seatbelts. If a bus should overturn, occupants are tossed around in the cabin.
  • Hitting a static object can lead to serious injuries due to the heavy and higher momentum of a bus.

Let us help

Have you been hurt in a bus accident?   You will need an attorney who understands bus accidents.   The bus driver can be at fault, but so can the local government or school district.   The attorneys at KJT Law know how to navigate the legal system.    Let us put our accident know-how  to work for you.  We will fight for your right to get the compensation you are entitled to.

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