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Do You Know When to Hire a Dog Bite Attack Lawyer for Your Case?

Many people wonder if they need legal representation for dog attacks. They often believe they can file a legal claim with the owner’s insurance carrier and get paid for their medical care costs. This may be true. However, there are many other expenses and losses to consider. How do you know when you are getting a fair offer from the insurance company? 

Consulting a dog bite attorney before accepting any offer is a good way to protect your right to a fair payout. We encourage all dog bite victims and their families to meet with a lawyer about their case before proceeding with an insurance claim. That way, they can understand their rights and options after suffering a serious injury. 

When to Hire a Dog Bite Lawyer to Handle Your Case

Working with a Abogada de lesiones personales on any case allows you to focus fully on your treatment and healing. When a dog bite causes serious enough injuries to require medical care, it is likely easier to hire an attorney to handle your claim. The law firm will handle the case, and you can continue your treatment and recover physically from your injuries. 

Sometimes, people like to wait until they receive an offer or run into a problem with their claim before hiring a dog bite lawyer. This is OK, but working with an attorney from the start would better protect your rights and possibly allow for a stronger case against the dog’s owner. 

If you have not started your dog bite case within a few weeks of your injury, it is time to consider your options. You generally have up to two years to sue for personal injuries or wrongful death under PCCh § 335.1. However, it is often possible to avoid a lawsuit and settle these cases outside of court with help from a dog bite lawyer. 

What Dog Bite Laws Does California Have? 

When it comes to liability in a dog bite case, each state sets its own laws. In California, CIV § 3342 is the statute that dictates who is liable for a dog bite injury. Under this law: 

  • The dog owner is liable for injuries and related damages.
  • The attack could occur in a public place or while the victim is lawfully on private property.
  • Liability applies, even if there is no known history of similar behavior.

County leash and licensing laws also play a role. For example, LA County requires any dog over four months to have an annual license. The LA County Department of Animal Care & Control issues these licenses. There are also strict leash laws that require dogs to be contained or under voice control at all times. 

When a dog owner violates leash or licensing rules, this could support the bite victim’s case against them. 

How Can a Dog Attack Attorney Help Me With My Case?

When an experienced dog attack lawyer handles a case, they manage all legal aspects. The victim should not have to worry about any of it. They will receive regular case updates and have phone numbers and email addresses to contact their lawyer if they have questions. 

Personal injury lawyers file dog bite injury claims and dog attack lawsuits to recover fair compensation for their clients hurt in these incidents. They know the necessary evidence to show what happened and eliminate any allegations that the victim provoked the canine before the bite. 

Many personal injury attorneys begin work on these cases with no upfront fees, and the victim only pays when the case closes, and the lawyer recovers compensation. This is known as a contingency-fee arrangement. It ensures anyone can afford dog bite representation, regardless of their outstanding medical bills or other financial losses. 

What Compensation Is Available for Dog Bite Injuries?

Dog bite attacks can cause serious or even life-altering, catastrophic injuries. While many are relatively minor and heal fully in a few weeks, complications such as infection are common. These injuries often end up being much more serious than they first appear. 

When an attorney identifies the recoverable damages in a dog bite case, they gather documentation to show the expenses and losses incurred and any future costs. This determines a fair settlement range. Common examples of recoverable damages include medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. 

Discuss Your Dog Bite Attack Injuries With a Member of Our Team for Free 

KJT Grupo de Derecho provides free consultations for dog bite victims in Los Angeles, Southern California, and other parts of our service area. We can assess your options, and our dog bite attack lawyers can help navigate the legal process for you. 

Contacta con nosotras for your free case review. Dial (818) 507-8525. We have someone available to talk to you about your injuries and legal options today. 

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