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A bit of history

 In the late 1950’s through to the 1980’s, it was a popular trend to bring on spray- or paint-on popcorn ceiling in homes.   It was also known as ‘stucco’ – or acoustic ceilings.

On the upside, the ceilings were easy to apply, hid imperfections and had acoustic benefits.

However, the spray-on paint also contained asbestos.    Asbestos was banned from these paints from 1977 onward, although manufacturers were allowed to use up their existing supply until well into the 80’s.

Is it risky to have popcorn ceilings in my home?

In general, popcorn ceilings do not pose a great risk.   The problem comes in when the asbestos fibers are disturbed and released into the air where it can be inhaled.   This can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.

Asbestos fibers are usually only released during remodeling work.

Can someone be held liable?

Asbestos exposure does not make you sick immediately.  Usually, symptoms will only appear 10-40 years later and holding someone liable can seem like an impossible task.

Many successful lawsuits

However, through the years there have been many successful asbestos lawsuits where experienced attorneys were able to help their clients achieve monetary awards.

They claimed for medical expenses, lost wages and lost earning capacity.  In many cases, punitive damages were also awarded.

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It can be very complicated to deal with an asbestos issue.   Are you concerned about popcorn ceilings and the asbestos they contain?

Or have you or someone in your family been exposed to asbestos for a long time?

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