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If your workers’ compensation claim was denied, this means that the person administering and reviewing your claim found that your workplace injury did not warrant workers’ compensation coverage. Just because your claim was denied, however, does not necessarily mean you have no further recourse. Without delay, you may challenge the claim administrator’s decision. As with all claims, there are deadlines to meet and paperwork to file when challenging this decision. If you already haven’t done so, it may be beneficial to speak to a qualified workers’ compensation attorney at this point. A workers’ compensation attorney can assist you in this process to ensure that all the correct forms are filled out and filed on time. If your workers’ compensation claim administrator finds a problem with your workers’ compensation claim, your claim can be “delayed” or “denied.” Luckily for you, this is not the end of the process. You have the right to dispute the claim administrator’s decision. To dispute the decision, you must first file an “Application for Adjudication of Claim” at the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) office in the county where you live or in the county where your injury occurred. #KJTLaw

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