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What Evidence Is Vital in a Dog Bite Case? Consult an Attorney

While you may not need to prove a dog was previously vicious or bit someone, legal proof in dog attack cases is important to secure damages. Vital evidence includes photographs, witness testimony, and medical records. 

The point of proof is to connect your dog bite injuries to specific compensation. A dog bite lawyer can help you gather this evidence and connect the dots between your injuries, the dog, and appropriate damages.

Using Photos as Dog Bite Lawsuit Evidence

When in doubt, take a photo. You may not realize what could end up being important evidence in your dog bite case, so it’s better to get as many photographs as possible. This includes taking photos right after the attack (if possible) and once you’ve had a chance to take stock of your injuries. 

Injury Photos

Getting photographic evidence of your injuries underlines their reality and severity. This includes bites as well as injuries caused when a dog puts its teeth on you but doesn’t break the skin. If you suffered bruising or abrasions, that still counts as a bite injury. 

Similarly, if a dog bites you and knocks you to the ground, causing broken bones, lacerations, or other injuries, those are also worth documenting as bite injuries. 

Photos from the Scene

A common defense by dog owners is that you provoked their pet or were trespassing in some way. Taking photos of the site can highlight the circumstances of the attack. For instance, if you were bitten in a public place, photo evidence could show that or even include signs stating dogs need to be leashed. 

Even if you were bitten at someone’s home—which is true of over 80 percent of dog bite cases according to a 2019 Heliyon study—you can take photos of the location. Our Abogados de lesiones personales might find clues in the photos that can show the owner was negligent, such as by not closing a gate and letting the dog roam out of the yard. 

Witness Testimony Can Help Your Dog Bite Claim

Eyewitness accounts are particularly vital legal proof in dog attack cases since they can provide info on:

  • What occurred leading up to the bite
  • Why the dog attacked
  • How you and the animal acted
  • What the owner did or didn’t do
  • What injuries you suffered

In other words, witnesses provide context. They might notice details that you understandably missed before and during the attack. 

Some bystanders might also help establish a pattern of bad behavior by the dog or the owner. For instance, a neighbor might have witnessed this dog attempting to bite others, or they might have seen the neighbor let the dog wander in the front yard without a leash. 

A premises liability attorney can help track down witnesses as well as ask the right questions to get to the bottom of your dog bite case. 

Don’t Forget Medical Records for a Dog Bite Case

Medical evidence serves several purposes in a personal injury case. It:

  • Helps establish that the dog attack happened
  • Shows that you needed medical attention for your injuries
  • Provides proof of the type and severity of your injuries
  • Allows doctors to understand your prognosis
  • Creates bills that show what you deserve in damages

If you suffered serious effects or complications from your dog bite, like dangerous infections that cause lasting damage or loss of limb, our catastrophic injury lawyers can use medical evidence to argue for damages.

Nonetheless, any injuries you suffer from a dog bite deserve compensation. Seek medical care right away both to avoid your injuries worsening and to create proof that you were hurt. 

Other Ways to Bolster a Dog Bite Case for Damages

The dog bite injury attorneys from our firm can also obtain:

  • Video footage by bystanders or nearby cameras
  • Police or animal control reports if officers were called
  • Financial and employment information to highlight your lost income
  • Testimony from experts, therapists, coworkers, and loved ones

Many homes now have doorbell cameras, some cars have dash cams, and nearby businesses have security footage. workers compensation Lawyers can work to gain access to this footage to investigate your case.

You or someone else may have called the police, animal control, or some other authority. Reports, while written from the officer’s point of view, can nonetheless provide another perspective from an experienced party who can validate your claim. 

In addition to your medical evidence, proof of how this injury has affected your career can help us in our case for your damages. Similarly, testimony from a mental health counselor, coworkers, or friends and family can highlight why you deserve pain and suffering for experiencing a dog attack. 

Get Help from an Expert Dog Bite Attorney Today

Because of the importance of evidence in dog bite claims, you want an experienced investigator on your side gathering and preserving proof of your attack. The dog bite lawyers at KJT Grupo de Derecho can collect any of the above evidence and fit it into your case for damages. 

While you recover from your injuries, we gather the legal proof you need to help pay for those injuries. Contacta con nosotras hoy al (818) 507-8525 para una revisión gratuita de su caso. 

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