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Qué tipo de información ayuda a un abogado de compensación de trabajadores a ganar un caso

When you hire a lawyer for your workers’ compensation case, they will gather the evidence necessary to show: You suffered injuries. The injuries occurred at work. Your employer provides the required workers’ compensation coverage. You deserve medical care coverage. You deserve a certain amount of wage loss benefits. Your workers’ compensation lawyer will know what […]

¿Qué responsabilidades tiene en caso de lesión en el trabajo?

Workers’ compensation laws leave some responsibility on employees after being injured at work. Workers play a significant role in their own cases and must understand their responsibilities and rights to ensure they get the compensation they deserve. For example, injured workers must notify their employers and file their claims while meeting applicable deadlines. If you […]

5 cosas que debes saber sobre lesiones de construcción

Construction sites have heavy machinery and other hazards that can come with a great risk of injury. When someone gets injured on a construction site, they could have to deal with the impacts of the injury for the rest of their life. There are five things you must know about construction injuries to help avoid […]

¿Cubre el Comp de los Trabajadores Condiciones Preexistentes

When someone gets hurt at work, their employer must have workers’ comp insurance. Workers’ comp benefits can help the employee who sustained an injury while at work. However, when someone has a pre-existing injury that is similar to a work-related injury, it can make determining the number of benefits someone can receive more complicated. Many […]

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