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¿Se puede pagar una indemnización de los trabajadores en un importe fijo

Per the California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC), you can request your workers’ compensation settlement to be paid as a lump sum. However, you must assert that you have a financial need or hardship that necessitates such a payment. Whether this is the right choice in your case depends greatly on the circumstances. If the […]

¿Necesito un abogado para mi reclamo de compensación de trabajadores de California

Not all injured workers need a workers’ compensation lawyer to handle their workplace injury claim. However, connecting with an attorney who regularly handles these cases is a good idea at the first sign of trouble. You have the right to work with an attorney throughout this process. If there are any issues getting your employer […]

Qué sucede en una audiencia de compensación de los trabajadores

In California, a workers’ compensation settlement hearing is often necessary when there is a dispute between an injured worker and the liable insurer. This is known as a mandatory settlement conference (MSC). During this meeting, you will meet with the claims administrator and a workers’ compensation judge. The judge works with both parties to help […]

Qué es una Subpoena en un caso de compensación de los trabajadores

A subpoena is a document that demands the recipient provide the requested records, information, or testimony on or by a specific date and time. Subpoenas are frequently used in both civil cases and the criminal justice system. When there is a subpoena in a workers’ compensation case, it’s usually because the injured worker needs additional […]

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