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4 Benefits to Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney after a Car Accident

Have you been in a car accident?  Do you have to deal with an insurance company? Here are 4 benefits you will receive and gain by working with a personal liability attorney after your accident-

  1. More Compensation

According to various studies, personal injury victims that allow an attorney to handle the negotiations with the insurance company tend to receive more compensation, than if they were handling it themselves. One study found that plaintiffs working with an attorney were able to recover 3.5 times more in compensation.

  1.       An Accurate Value of Your Claim

Evaluating a claim is complex- a third party, an expert like an attorney is the best way to evaluate your claim and calculate its value, with issue like;

  • Medical expenses that you have already incurred
  • Medical expenses that you expect to incur in the future
  • Total wages that you have lost as a result of your injuries
  • Total wages that you expect to lose in the future as a result of your injuries
  • Value of your emotional pain and suffering
  1. Respectability

By hiring an attorney an insurance adjuster knows instantly that you are serious about recovering compensation for your accident. Their ability to take advantage of you has just lessened drastically. Many times, hiring an attorney is enough to convince the insurance adjuster that he needs to make an offer to you so the case does not end up in trial.

  1. Minimize Errors

It is common that during your initial conversation, the insurance adjuster may ask you to agree to make a recorded statement so he/she can ask you questions about the events leading up to the crash. An attorney would never allow that. Anything that you say during this recorded statement could be taken out of context and used to lower the value of your claim. It’s as simple as an insurance adjuster asking you how you are doing, and you responding with “I’m ok.”


Have you been injured in a car accident?  As you focus on your physical and emotional recovery, working with a professional who understands the complexities associated with car accidents will improve the chances of you receiving your rightful compensation. Let the professionals at KJT LAW GROUP help. Call us at (818) 507-8525 or email us at for a free consultation. We will go over all the facts of your case and recommend the best ways to move forward.




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